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Beijing bicycle parking

To keep their bikes safe from Beijing bicycle thieves, guarded parking lots are available and — get this — fixed gear bikes get a discount. Some places in Beijing have outdoor bicycle parking for 0.2RMB for a normal single speed (and also fixed gear) bike and 0.3RMB for mountain bikes, race bikes or anything with read more »

Jhong: Bicycle Culture Revolution

“Chinese Bike Culture” once meant millions of Chinese cruising wide bike boulevards on black and basic commuter bikes equipped with fenders, chaincases, heavy duty racks, and sturdy double kickstands. The bicycle was the preferred mode of urban transportation nationwide, with right of way at intersections and ample parking on wide sidewalks. These days, though, public read more »

Zhuhai bicycle parking

Video shows the bicycle parking at the Zhuhai campus of Beijing Normal University. That’s a lot of bikes!

Bike photos in the news: Rain, Denver, Hanoi, Barcelona and more

A Sri Lankan cyclist rides through a rain shower in Colombo on December 7, 2015. The Sri Lankan capital has been lashed by heavy rains causing major traffic jams throughout the city. AFP PHOTO/ ISHARA S KODIKARA. View image |

This post is a secret message

Steganography is the practice of hiding a secret message inside of another message or media such that it’s presence is not obvious to the casual observer, hiding it in plain sight, as it were. The trick of extracting a message by pulling the third word of every paragraph in a letter is a form of read more »