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Beyonce rides a bicycle

Beyonce posted to Instagram: “I biked to Barclays for my last show in Brooklyn!” I knew she liked to bike while touring and I looked around for her when she performed in San Jose a couple of weeks ago but no luck. Via Streetsblog.

Beyonce rides a bicycle

Taylor Swift models with bicycles, but Beyonce is the real thing — she likes to bike to see the city when she’s touring, a lot like David Byrne likes to do. The Irreplaceable hitmaker admits she has taken to two wheels to travel around cities when she is away on tour and she enjoys the read more »

Taylor Swift on a bicycle

Country singer Taylor Swift poses with a bicycle in a photo shoot. We know also that Kanye West likes and even rides bicycles, especially fixed gear bikes. He even blogs about bikes he likes such as the Brompton folding bikes. Beyonce, too, is even spotted riding a bicycle on occasion.

Here’s what I would’ve done on that Fremont commuter challenge

A pair of journalists at the Mercury-News raced from Fremont BART to Market & Montgomery in San Francisco. Josh Richman drove solo up I-880 and across the Bay Bridge; Thomas Peele rode Amtrak Capital Corridor the SF ferry from Jack London Square, in Oakland.