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Bicycle Ambulance Project

When you have 18th century infrastructure, what’s better to use than 19th century transportation technology? The Bicycle Ambulance Project by the Bicycle Empowerment Network in Namibia produces bicycle-pulled ambulances for use by HIV/AIDS Home Based Care (HBC) workers, HIV/AIDS self help projects, communities, clinics, and hospitals in rural Namibia. The bicycle ambulance has wide tyres, read more »

National map shows cyclist fatalities

The League of American Cyclists announced their “Every Bicyclist Counts” project, which will chronicle news and police reports of cyclists killed on America’s roadways.

Golden Gate bike speed limit update

    Golden Gate Bridge officials propose 15 MPH bike speed limit, with 5 MPH limit when passing.    

Hot Monday

Happy Monday. The San Francisco Bay Area Air Quality Management District (abbreviated and pronounced “QWGHLM“), announced a “Spare the Air Day” today because of high levels of ground level ozone caused by very high temperatures combined with the usual chocking volume of automobile exhaust. Ozone was so thick in the air yesterday afternoon I could read more »

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-27

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-20: Owl City – Fireflies: My daughter has Owl City’s “Ocean Eyes” on her MP3 pl… #