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Bicycle Neglect

I posted about this months ago, but it’s worth another mention. Bicycle Neglect is a series of articles by Alan Durning about why most Seattle area cities don’t treat bicycles as transportation, which communities are doing the best job, and what’s at stake. Elsewhere: Bicycle Design on the NYC better bike racks contest. Like father read more »

Peter Sagal rides a bicycle

Last week’s news that I neglected to pass along: Peter Sagal, host of public radio’s “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” game show blogged about getting t-boned at an intersection while he rode his bike. Via Chicago Bike Advocate and Biking In LA. Last fall, Peter Sagal’s brand new Felt road bike was stolen.

Bicycle blog

I didn’t run into Dorky Doug today, though I led BionX Boy and Java Man in to work at a nice 24 mph pace. I’m loving this week’s Bay Area weather, and it looks like every other bike commuter is also. Caltrain was packed and it’s only February. If you plan to bring your bike read more »

Bicycle haiku and other bicycle blog madness

Frank has an nice winter CX baiku in Illinois. He also pointed me to a old set of baikus from last summer. Carlton talks about “get off the road for your own safety” individuals in the Netherlands(!), India and Nazi Germany. Perhaps there’s a connection with this “bicycle neglect”. Alan makes the point that the read more »

Despicable Me

Who: Me and a beige Camry Where: Heavy traffic on DeAnza Boulevard & Stevens Creek Boulevard, Cupertino, California, just south of Apple’s headquarters. When: Last Friday’s evening commute, in the rain and dark.

Lateral apical postalveolar flap

While reading the Wikipedia article about the Japanese language, I encountered this sentence about how Japanese pronounce the “R” sound: The ‘r’ of the Japanese language (technically a lateral apical postalveolar flap), is of particular interest, sounding to most English speakers to be something between an ‘l’ and a retroflex ‘r’ depending on its position read more »