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The Post likes bikes, and more Hump Day bicycle news

The New York Post suddenly likes bikes? The caption for this bike style gallery includes the text, “We like bike! No matter your style, there’s an outfit for every ride.”

Invisible gorillas, guerrillas for visibility, and more bicycle news

Monday morning bicycle news

Happy Monday, and happy April Fool’s Day. Lady Fleur asked me to participate in an April Fool’s Day prank involving cats and bicycles at the Caltrain station in San Jose this morning. I haven’t the least clue what she has in mind; she just said I need to “pretend you like cats.” For the latest, read more »

Bay Area bicycle news update

Happy Friday the 13th.

More bicycle news

Happy Hump Day once again. I’m curious: Does anybody read those Twitter and Facebook link aggregations at I’m thinking about giving it a try but I don’t know whether I should bother or not. Please let me know! Bike news below…

Election Day bicycle news

Happy 1st Tueday of November, AKA USA Election Day. In California, the turnout has been in the neighborhood of 55% for this mid-term election.