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Bicycle Philosophy

If this isn’t on that list of pithy quotes about bicycles by famous people, it should be. “Nothing motivates me to ride like a new set of wheels.” That, and a cool new jersey. I’ll see you after lunch.

Spandex Optional Bicycle Touring

I’ve never been interested in long-distance touring, but Peter Rice’s practical philosophy and light humor in his Spandex Optional Bicycle Touring: How to ride long distance, the cheap and easy way might convince me to give it a try.

Your Last Minute California Bicycle Voting Guide 2014

For the 30% of voters who will vote on Election Day tomorrow versus the rest of us who mailed our ballots in, here are some candidate issue guides and endorsements available from around the state of California. I focus mostly on local races and issues and mostly on Northern California in this this guide.

Swiss Bicycle Regiment

Among the 25,000 military buffs and and 600 World War 2 vehicles at the Swiss “Convoy to Remember” was this guy dressed as a soldier from an old Swiss Bicycle Regiment.

Santa Cruz traffic safety group moving to Vision Zero

The Santa Cruz County Community Traffic Safety Coalition (CTSC) recently voted to work towards a Vision Zero policy.

A guide to gravel riding in Japan

Slonie pointed to this Japanese guide to gravel riding from Colnago. There’s some decent advice there, but gravel riding is so easy you don’t even need to understand Japanese to get the gist of this guide.