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Bicycle and self defense

According to the description accompanying this video, a pair of thieves on a motor scooter snatched a purse from a woman in Wenzhou, China. The guy on the bike calmly dismounts and hurls the bike at the would be thieves, causing them to crash.

Bicycle self-defense, 1901

Marcus Tindal took the illustrations from a self-defense article published in 1901 and converted them into animated GIFs.

Neanderthals and bikes

An American paleoconservative wants to mainstream bicycling as transportation in American society.

Bicycle Combat Tactics

David Mobley apparently created this one hour self-defense video for the community access cable TV channel in Missoula, Montana. He purports to demonstrate self defense techniques you can use while riding your bicycle. Now he sells his “Bicycle Combat Tactics” video on

Bikes and cops

What’s your view of selective enforcement of bike laws?

ChipSeal’s Defense

Let him ride. I am part of a group trying to raise funds for a worthy cause, a fight against an injustice done to a Texas cyclist. Some of you may know him. His name is Reed Bates. Until recently, he penned the ChipSeal blog. The police have stopped Bates numerous times in and around read more »