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Bicycle bag dig

Jen in Chicago inspired me to audit the contents of my bag. I dumped everything out onto the kitchen floor and cataloged the contents like an archaeologist digging through the ruins of Pompeii. Man, I’m a pack rat. Main pocket contents: REI cycling jacketMSR Pocket Rocket instruction manuals. 7 of them.Assorted trash.Plastic bags in case read more »

The American Bicycle

Before World War II, tobacco companies included trading cards in their cigarette packaging, similar to baseball cards included in some modern packages of bubble gum. In 1939, Player Cigarettes in Great Britain released a series of 50 cycling cards with the help of Mr “Harry” England, the editor of Cycling (today’s Cycling Weekly). The series read more »

Digging into data: California cyclist fatalities

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released their 2012 traffic fatalities numbers yesterday, and the wonkier blogs make note that cyclist and pedestrians fatalities increased faster than those of car occupants. Between 2011 and 2012, we had a 3.3% increase in traffic fatalities in the United States, while cyclist and pedestrian fatalities increased by read more »

New York has accordions, we do bagpipes

Bike Snob NYC says accordions are the next big hipster bike trend, but I say it’s bagpipes. Here’s Josh Agee. He rides no handed playing his pipes around San Jose. He’s available for hire if you need somebody for your wedding, funeral and Celtic festival.

Bicycles, crime shows and murder

The other day on the train my friends and I talked about this week’s episode of Castle in which a mystery writer and homicide detective team up to solve the murder of the week. “Kill the Messenger,” (clever title, eh?) begins with an erstwhile bike messenger in really nice duds and a brand new Timbuk2 read more »

Yehuda Moon bag audit

It’s another beautiful day in the Bay Area. Sunny skies and temps will be in the 60s F / high teens C. The heady scent of blooming flowers perfumes the air along the bike lanes. It’s too bad I ONCE AGAIN forgot my helmet on the bus. Do you know anyone else who carries a read more »