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Bicycle blog link dump

Bicycle news from around the world of bicycle blogs. First of all, I owe Jamie a link because he posted a bike haiku. Bike Snob’s guide to falling down on your bike commute in snow and ice. Theft proof bicycle ideas. Some intelligent discussion about this is at Bicycle Design. Light and Motion wins the read more »

Photo use link love

I have over 10,000 photos posted to my Flickr account. You have my permission to use most of them for any reason. All I ask is attribution to me (“Richard Masoner”) and a link to Cyclelicious. It’s super easy, but most people still manage to mess up the terms of my license. I’m a nice read more »

Bay Area bicycle news

If you’re stuck indoors because of poor air quality, maybe you can at least read about bike stuff over the weekend. This started out as a dump of links around the blogosphere, but there’s so much Bay Area news I’m sitting on I need to get that out of my system first. But first of read more »

Annie Cohen Kopchovsky biked around the world

March is Women’s History Month, when bike bloggers quote Susan B. Anthony ( bicycling “has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world”) and temperance reformer Frances Willard, who used bicycling as a metaphor for control over her destiny. Their achievements are notable, but let’s talk about the first woman to wheel read more »

The multipurpose bike lane

When I ran video Wednesday morning of my ride across San Jose on the brand new bike lanes on 3rd & 4th Streets, I didn’t have this in mind.

Caltrain 233

Where: Northbound Caltrain #233 just north of the California Avenue station in Palo Alto. When: 9:10 AM this morning. What: A disturbing metallic *clank* shudders through the train