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Bicycle blog link love and other stuff…

Watch for Yet Another Book Giveaway later today! Here’s another edition of link love to recognize those blogs that have used my Creative Commons licensed photos.

Bicycle blog link love

I’m home with bronchitis, so I’ll just throw out a list of links for the day. But first, a reminder: 7th Annual Supermarket Street Sweep this Saturday in San Francisco, rain or shine!

Bicycle Blog Link Love

Happy Hump Day. I hope you find this collection of stories useful. Every cycling advocate should read this –> The Travails of a Novice Bike Commuter. I helped a hopelessly lost first time bike commuter last night on the Guadalupe River Trail in San Jose. She’s the fifth person I’ve helped find her way over read more »

George Hahn rides a bicycle

George Kahn, who blogs about style for men on a budget, makes an appearance in Hal Ruzal’s 2014 edition of “Hal Grades Your Bike Locking.”

I need hat and gloves

Sunny and in the sixties Fahrenheit right now in my part of California, but check out the temperature when I left the house this morning at about 7 AM. We hit a low of 28.6°F or minus 1.9°C. My ears and fingers got a little chilly. Maybe it’s time I dig out a hat and read more »

Santa Cruz dirt jumping and reciprocal link love

This photo has nothing to do with link love. These young guys can frequently be seen near the sand quarries in the Santa Cruz Mountains with their dirt jump bikes practicing for the Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival coming up on April 14 & 15, 2013. Sometimes people use my photos they find Flickr. Sometimes read more »