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Bicycle jobs in California, Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina & Massachussetts

Bicycle related jobs and careers in California The city of Campbell, CA seeks a Public Works Superintendent to oversee a staff of 30 running a department with a $6.7M annual budget. More bicycle jobs below the photo.

Bicycle industry careers

Jobs in the bicycle industry and a few other related job listings for July 10, 2012. Good hunting.

WANTED: Zombie bicycle tattoo artist

Here’s an interesting bit of freelance work for a talented comic illustrator: I want a sleeve tattoo that incorporates bicycles, zombies, and comics. Unfortunately I can’t draw out my story the way I envision it. I want it to start off with an over weight redneck running down cyclist in his old red pickup truck. read more »

Bicycle jobs

Happy Valentines Day everybody. I love you all! Here’s a selection of bike jobs around the United States. Sign of the times in Japan: “Be careful to hittakuri,” warning women to beware of purse snatchers on bicycles. CC License photo by Takato Marui. Jimmy Johns in Austin Central Park looking for bicycle delivery people. What read more »

Thursday bicycle news

Tooting my own horn: I was the Good Samaritan. Do a good turn daily. “Waiting” by Pieter Musterd, CC license. 30 speeds on a bike are confusing to the neophyte, so Taiwanese researchers created a computer optimized gear change notifier for derailleur equipped bicycles. The device tells the cyclist how to shift for their speed read more »

Felt Curbside fixed gear bicycle

Bike Snob NYC hates the Felt Curbside fixed gear / single speed bike, calling it “the high water mark of dorkitude.” The urban fixed gear kids all hate how ugly it is because of the compact geometry, recessed track ends, internal cable routing and Slipstream racing teams argyle patterned top tube pad and saddle. They read more »