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Bicycles in the news

Don’t try this at home, kids, even if you’re a professional.

California bicycle legislation 2015

This page tracks 2015 legislation in the California Assembly related to bicycles and other transportation issues.

Silicon Valley BPAC update, and I-40 bicycle access

Happy Monday after my four day blogging hiatus. This 50 year old bridge over Calabasas Creek for Old Mountain View Alviso Road forms the boundary between the cities of Santa Clara and Sunnyvale, California. More about this bridge below the photo.

Pedals, tacos and Solange rides a bicycle

Reminder: SF Bike Expo is THIS WEEKEND at the Cow Palace. With so much to be happy about, why does Gabriel look so sad? Gabriel wanted tacos, but because he biked through the drive-through at Taco Bell, he was denied service, refused to leave when asked to do so, and was eventually arrested. Cheezburger has read more »

Farewell to

I’ve been following James Thomas and his Bicycle Design blog since its inception in 2005. This morning, he announced he’s closing up shop to devote his energies elsewhere, including his new industrial design blog. I stole borrowed some of my best inspirations from James and his blog and learned a tremendous amount about bike design, read more »

Yet another electric bicycle at a car show

The hot topic yesterday was this $3000 pedalec from SMART, which is  known for its small automobiles. Unlike many bikes shown as concepts and engineering exercises at auto shows,  SMART says they plan to make this bike available at select USA dealers. Although the bike appears somewhat unique,  the features are about what you’d expect read more »