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Bamboo bicycle building class

The Bamboo Bike Studio offers a two day bike building course in Brooklyn, where they claim you can “Walk in Saturday, Ride Out Sunday.” One weekend is all it takes to fabricate a frame from bamboo, assemble the components, and roll away with a custom-fitted ride, tuned to each student’s body and cycling style. The read more »

Random bicycle tweetage

As seen on Twitter this morning… I just wached a man run over a pigeon on his bicycle. It flapped to death. oh no… be afraid… a zombie on a bicycle!! Funny Video – Girl Hits Head on Pole While Riding Bicycle my discovery that cable ties on a bicycle helmet deters magpies. Genius! read more »

Brooks saddle video

I just watched a short, 14 minute promotional film about Brooks England, the famous bicycle saddle manufacturer in Birmingham, England. The company was started in 1866 as a leather trading company. In 1878, the company founder and president, J.B. Brooks, was riding his horse to work when the horse died. He couldn’t afford a new read more »

Palo Alto bicycle culture

Martin Krieg is the inspirational and energetic man behind the National Bicycle Greenway and numerous other bicycling activities. He’s got so many things going on that I can’t keep up, but he manages to keep up with the bicycle goings on in his hometown of Palo Alto, California. Martin wrote up this report on some read more »

Vancouver Flying Pigeon

My only experience with the Flying Pigeon brand of Chinese bicycles occurred during Interbike a few years ago.

Acetylene shortage

An industrial accident in Kentucky leads to a shortage of a welding gas used in steel bike production. But first, a handmade bicycle video.