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I review Crud Roadracer Mk 2 bicycle fenders

Several weeks ago I asked the Internet which road bicycle fenders should I install and you, loyal readers, responded with surprising enthusiasm for the Crud Roadracer Mk2.

Bicycle fenders

Fenders are my friend. Mudguards are marvelous. And of course I’m obligated to link to Getinlost in Colorado, who posted a haiku about fenders. Fenders enable me to ride my bike without getting the stripe up my backside. Fenders keep my shoes from getting soaked through except in the worst downpours. Fenders help keep muck read more »

Which road bike fenders?

I’ve been a happy owner of the SKS Raceblade Fenders on my road bicycle for several years now.

Dust off your fenders Bay Area

Happy Monday, all. Yet another gorgeously warm and sunny day , but we finally have significant rain on the way to Northern California. Wednesday may begin dry, but we’ll have one to two inches of rain throughout the San Francisco Bay Area along with gusty winds so be prepared for your evening commute. Another storm read more »

Davis, California reduces fines for bicycle infractions

The city of Davis is the biking capital of America, where an estimated 20% of the population commutes to work on their bike. 40% of students on the UC-Davis campus who have a job also get to work by bike, according to U.S. Census American Community Survey Data. The high rate of cycling means a read more »

Haruna Kawaguchi rides a bicycle

Teen Japanese actress and model Haruna Kawaguchi rides a bicycle to film a commercial for Bridgestone’s Albelt bicycle.