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Bicycle girls of New York

Here’s a cute article in the New York Observer about bicycles as fashion accessories: Vikki Eichmann was striding through the Union Square farmers’ market, one hand steering a sea-green, 1970’s Schwinn Breeze bicycle and the other tossing a curtain of silky brown hair over her bony shoulder. She was wearing a strapless plum-colored sundress and read more »

Hurricane Biker Girls of Lower Manhattan

NYC film maker Casey Neistat spent the night of Sandy biking around the flooded streets of Manhattan. Here’s his video of that night.

Elizabeth Olsen rides a bicycle

Actress Elizabeth Olsen rode a bicycle during filming of “Very Good Girls” at Coney Island, New York. More photos at Celebrity Gossip. See more Celebrity Bicycle photos here.

Dakota Fanning rides^W pushes a bicycle

Monday Bike News

Lots of stuff to catch up on after a beautiful and long weekend gawking at and riding bikes at the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey.

Mr Newton’s Bike Girls

Mr Newton is a New York City fashion photographer who gets around on a marvelous old blue mixte frame bike. “Yeah, it’s a girls bike – so what?” he writes. “I paid $70 for it at the Hester Street Flea.” San Francisco bike people may think Mr Newton’s blue bike looks a lot like Meli’s read more »