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Italy: Bike industry economic stimulus

The Italian government has provided €18.75 million (about US$27M) to encourage people to buy bicycles and ebikes. The government incentives are having a huge positive impact on bike sales, resulting in a doubling of bike sales. Read more at Bike Europe.

Bike industry economics

It seems like I’ve been linking a lot lately to Chris Matthews’s blog. He’s been in the bike biz for a while and works for Specialized in Morgan Hill, California. In this post, Chris writes about the credit crunch and how it might impact the bike business. Basically: Banks are not lending to each other, read more »

Bike industry generates $90 million in Portland, OR

From Portland, Oregon: a new report shows that the economic impact of the bicycle industry in Portland has grown significantly in recent years – to roughly $90 million. Read more at KATU, with much more discussion and analysis at the excellent Bike Portland.