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Bicycle nerds

I wrote over the weekend that there were 40,000 people at Maker Faire. It turns out that was last year’s attendance — this year, an estimated 70,000 people showed up just on Saturday. Cell phone reception was the pits, probably because the cell network was overwhelmed with so many technology nerds all using their phones read more »

Olivia Wilde rides a bicycle

Actress Olivia Wilde rides a bicycle. Olivia Wilde is frequently seen riding her blue Electra Amsterdam bicycle near her home in Santa Monica, California. Ms. Wilde is a favorite of nerds for the role she played in Tron:Legacy as a warrior biker babe isomorphic algorithm. She also stars in the Cowboys & Aliens that opened read more »

Veronica Belmont’s new bicycle

Technology nerd and podcaster Veronica Belmont has a new bicycle — the Swobo Novak. Here she is riding the bike in San Francisco, California. . H/T to Noah. See also Shout Out to Bike Nerds.

Shout out to bike nerds

It’s been good to meet up with several people in the big world of bicycling. This Web 2.0 thing is partly about social networking and it’s nifty to connect the world of the web with meat world while I was at the Tour of California race start in Sausalito today. Say hello to Bob Mionske, read more »

Bike Mechanic: Tales From the Road and the Workshop

Bike Mechanic: Tales From the Road and the Workshop covers the history and the work for bicycle mechanics who work the professional pro peloton.

NAHBS in the MSM

The North American Handmade Bicycle Show 2013 begins Friday in Denver, Colorado. Cyclelcious will be there to shoot photos and talk to the builders. It occurs to me that NAHBS is the perfect opportunity for local builders to get word of their craft out to people outside of the endemic cycling media. You all really read more »