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Bicycle parts video

Do you want to know your dropout from your downtube and your seat collar from your seatpost? Watch this guide and you will be talking bike in five minutes. The music, created from sampled bike part noises by Greg Johnston, is also really cool. Bicycle Anatomy for Beginners from on Vimeo.

Prosthetic finger made from bicycle parts

Colin Macduff of Olympia, Washington lost part of a finger in an accident three years ago. While he was still in recovery, he drew up plans for a prosthetic finger. After his discharge from the hospital, he built a prototype from bicycle parts. He now markets his fully articulating Bio-Mechanical prosthetic finger through his website. read more »

StemLite: Integrated bicycle light

500 lumen (claimed) bicycle headlight integrated into the handlebar stem. $60 on Kickstarter. There are some good design choices in this StemLite and I like the idea, but handlebar stems are one of those parts where really bad things can happen if it fails. Does anybody know how much testing has gone into this stem? read more »

Bicycle careers March 27 2012

Spring is here and I see dozens of bike shop job openings for sales help and mechanics on Craigslist all around the nation. I don’t normally post these kinds of jobs since they’re very local and you’re not likely to relocate for something like that, but I’ll make an exception for this one since my read more »

Quirky Moneyball Bicycle

A little over five years ago, Ben Kaufman won “Best of Show” at MacWorld for his mophie iPod case. He didn’t have an encore product for 2007, so he invited any and all to submit their ideas and introduced an iPod case with a built in bottle opener.

US CPSC not to enforce lead standards on bicycles

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 lowers allowable lead levels for all children products. The bicycle industry freaked when they realized there’s no way they can sell bike tires, brakes and other components with legally required lead levels. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) stay, which was announced in May, takes effect today. read more »