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Bicycle rental map

Robert in Vancouver, BC wanted to rent a bike on his last vacation but had a hard time finding information on local bike rentals. “I thought that a bike rental site that listed bke rental shops around the world would be very useful,” says Robert. He was familiar with other mashup sites using Google Maps. read more »

Electronic bike lockers coming soon for Diridon, other Capitol Corridor stations

Did you know the Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Board (CCJPB) are installing electronic BikeLink lockers at “most” of their stations right now?

Entering Tsunami Hazard Zone

People in Santa Cruz County California were stuck in gas lines and traffic for hours after the 2011 Tohuku earthquake struck Japan. What’s your plan if there’s a real tsunami, and you have minutes to evacuate? Tsunami Awareness Week apparently began yesterday. People who live in, bike through, and visit coastal California should be aware read more »

Bike share for Monterey, California?

The Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC) received a $57,000 grant to study the feasibility of bike sharing. County transportation planners will take public input this summer for their ideas.

Hump Day roundup

Happy Hump Day, bicycle friends. I hope your first day of December is going well.

American River Parkway

My family and I spent the weekend cycling along and around the American River Parkway aka Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail in Sacramento County, California. The American River Parkway is a marvelous paved multipurpose trail that follows the lower American River from Folsom Lake 32 miles down to its confluence with the Sacramento River. Mile markers read more »