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Bicycle repair videos

Alex is the Bicycle Tutor. He’s a bike mechanic in Vancouver, BC, and he posts bike repair and maintenance video tutorials to his blog. Very helpful stuff! Go see the Bicycle Tutor for bike care tips and instruction. Which reminds me: I need to change the chain on my road bike. I have 1500 miles read more »

Monique van der Vorst rides a bicycle

Rabobank Women’s Cycling Team announced the signing of athlete Monique van der Vorst to their professional roster, so the fact that she rides a bike may not seem too remarkable. But it is. Because until last year, she was wheelchair bound.

Patch your tube without removing the tire

Forget about Lance Armstrong’s tire repair expertise and the hundreds of spinoff videos. This “Patch N Ride” bicycle tire tube repair gizmo seems slicker yet cleaner than liquid tire sealants. The claim: You can repair flat bicycles tires (tubulars and clinchers, tubeless coming Real Soon Now) without removing the tire and tube from the wheel. read more »