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Bicycle rescue

Brave men jump into the water to rescue a bicycle. Props to Henry Hine.

Baby owl on a bicycle

Cuter than LOLCATS. Adam Norwood in Austin, Texas was about to hop on his bike to get to work when he saw this little eastern screech owl perched on his bicycle tire.

Vigilante mob beats bicycle thief

A youth who tried to steal a bicycle was severely beaten up by a mob on Friday. The policemen who had rescued the youth left him and fled after being targeted by the mob. The incident occurred around 3 pm at Bally in Howrah. Aparesh Mukherjee, who owns a medicine shop at Bally market, had read more »

2008 Bicycle News

I hope you all are having a great day. Here’s the day after New Year edition of the Bicycle Blog Roundup. Tres cool Dragon Bicycle. Via. Urban Velo Magazine Issue #5 is available for download. Bikes banned from Melbourne (Australia) trains. Boo. More news below the image. Seattle Most Visible Cyclist contest December winner. Submit read more »

Caltrans D4 publishes draft Bay Area highway bike access map

In California, about 1,000 miles of the 4,000 miles of limited access freeway are open to bicycles according to this answer in the Caltrans FAQ section. Nobody knows the real number of miles, however, because the existing bike access maps, where they exist, are so outdated and crummy. In some cases, not even Caltrans knows read more »


Happy last Monday of 2013. I left my wallet at home this morning and the cafeteria is closed until after the New Year, so I’m digging for nourishment and change in my office. So far I’ve found nearly two dollars in pennies and nickels, two packs of gum, an unopened bag of cough drops, stale read more »