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Bicycle safety workshop and more

Before I get started: It’s a long story, but I lost my bike helmet. I’m seeking recommendations. My strong preference is for a well ventilated “road” style helmet. No skater or urban helmets, no mountain bike helmets. I’m looking at around the $100 price range, so helmets like the Giro Atmos or Specialized Propero. Let read more »

Seen in the wild: Bicycle Safety Wing

I saw this guy with his Bicycle Safety Wing on the Guadalupe River Trail in San Jose, CA the other day.

Santa Cruz County bicycle safety survey 2012

The Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency (HSA) and the Community Traffic Safety Coalition of Santa Cruz County (CTSC) released the results of their 2012 bicycle traffic survey. Each May and June, HSA staffers and community volunteers count cyclists at various locations throughout Santa Cruz County and observe their behavior. For 2012, they counted 3,046 read more »

UK bicycle safety politico rides helmetless

UK Member of Parliament and Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport Norman Baker, who is responsible for cycling, walking and local transportation planning, has attracted some controversy from car-driving road safety advocates. Baker likes to demonstrate the safety of cycling by riding without a bicycle helmet. Baker earned fame earlier in his political career by read more »

Mr Roadshow on bicycle safety

Several letters have been published in the local papers about Lauren Ward’s death on Alpine Road. Gary Richard’s — aka “Mr Roadshow” — publishes one of them and responds.

US Federal rule changes for bicycle safety

Proposed rule changes affect recumbents, track bikes The US Consumer Product Safety Commission is accepting public comment on a number of proposed changes to the Federal Government’s bicycle safety requirements.