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Bicycle sidecars

“Bicycle sidecar” is, interestingly enough, one of my top search hits. People land on this page about the Smike “Two-for-one” bicycle and sidecar. There’s a whole page of custom made bicycle sidecars that I found via Treadly and Me. Bicycle sidecars are also featured at this German “Cruiser King” cycling blog.

DIY Bicycle Sidecar

“Bicycle Sidecar” is, interestingly enough, one of those persistently high search phrases that bring people to Cyclelicious. Happy, Steve Bodiley posted up his build details of a bicycle sidecar with a metal frame and wooden body. Steve also discusses his experiments and prototypes to come up with his perfect design. He discovers that adding a read more »

Florida bicycle sidecar

Jean Ulrey in Florida has a bicycle trailer to tote her granddaughter around, but the little girl kept getting dirt, grime and water in her face. Besides the flap that comes with every bike trailer I’ve seen, an obvious solution is a fender. So Ms Ulrey, who owns a welding business, built a bicycle sidecar read more »