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Bicycle snow plow

It’s been at least a year since somebody has mentioned David Peterson’s bicycle snow plow. Peterson rides his bike seven miles to his job at Fermilab in Chicago Chicagoland. When he built this snow plow for his bicycle several years ago, the bike paths he took to work weren’t plowed, so he started walking to read more »

Snow plow vs bicycle

Photo by Al’s brother-in-law in Boston, MA. When a snow plow damages private property like this, what’s the process for the property owner to seek remuneration? How often do snow plow operators have to replace things like sign posts and mailboxes, for example?

The inevitable bike in snow photos

Streets are empty of traffic because of a travel ban due to heavy snow in Boston, MA, and public transportation has been shut down. New York City officials specifically called out food delivery bicycles as “non-essential” in their travel ban announcement, but I don’t know if Boston’s travel ban includes bikes or not. View image read more »

Pedals, tacos and Solange rides a bicycle

Reminder: SF Bike Expo is THIS WEEKEND at the Cow Palace. With so much to be happy about, why does Gabriel look so sad? Gabriel wanted tacos, but because he biked through the drive-through at Taco Bell, he was denied service, refused to leave when asked to do so, and was eventually arrested. Cheezburger has read more »

Pedal powered snowplow

Now that winter is coming up in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s time to bring up this item from last year. Kevin Blake in Wisconsin created the pedal powered snowplow during the winter of 2003-2004. “Mr. Plow” became his entry in Specialized’s “Innovate or Die” competition. Kevin got second place in the competition and won a read more »

Bicycle blog

I didn’t run into Dorky Doug today, though I led BionX Boy and Java Man in to work at a nice 24 mph pace. I’m loving this week’s Bay Area weather, and it looks like every other bike commuter is also. Caltrain was packed and it’s only February. If you plan to bring your bike read more »