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Bicycle stabbing

This headline about “bicycle stabbing attacks” reminded me of the most awesome bicycle movie of all time, “Prince of Darkness.” Watch Alice Cooper help Bill Gates with the slickest bike trackstand of all time in this video clip from the movie. [ Warning: some cinematic blood and gore and a crucified pigeon. ] What’s your read more »

Bicycle pumps gas in Japan

A gas station owner in northeastern Japan uses a pedal powered pump at a ruined gas station.

Bicycle palliative

Those who follow me on Facebook know that I was diagnosed with “optic neuritis” yesterday. This is an inflammation of the optic nerve, and I tell you it hurts like a banshee at times. Pain killers don’t do a thing for it. Closing my eyes is useless. The only thing I’ve found so far to read more »

Leaf spring fork for fat bikes

A couple of young Scandinavian bros with cute Icelandic accents showed their leaf spring suspension fork to me at the Sea Otter Classic last week. They call their company “Lauf,” which is Icelandic for “leaf” and also references a well-known Viking motif involving a heroic stabbing death for a favored henchman at the end of read more »

Santa Cruz man stabbed while stopping a bike theft

KSBW reports: The first stabbing on Coral Street happened at 8:19 a.m. Saturday, when the victim confronted a man who was trying to steal his bicycle. “The suspect stabbed the victim in the arm and fled without the bike,” police said. The suspect (you can see his mugshot on the KSBW news story page) is read more »

Monday Roundup

Happy first day of October. Bicycle news below.