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Bicycle tourism

Bikes are the “killer app” on Governor’s Island, New York. We’d love to hear what a “car-free bike oasis” means to you. We got great feedback and questions about the bicycle program. What would you want to see there? What could you do here that you can’t do elsewhere in New York? Meanwhile, in Sausalito, read more »

Japan considers cabinet level bicycle ministry

A non-partisan caucus of legislators in the Japanese Diet (Kokkan) are moving forward on the creation of a Ministry of Bicycle Promotion (自転車担当相設置を – Jitensha Tanto Sho). Bicycle policy in Japan is determined by multiple agencies. The police establish the rules of the road, while the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism governs infrastructure, read more »

The week’s most interesting bicycle jobs

  Good news folks: there were a lot of bicycle gigs advertised this week. Before I get into my favorites I’d like to give you some quick information on how I find these jobs. My main source is a simple RSS feed (I use Google Reader) of job listings from about 75 cities on Craigslist. This read more »

More bicycle news

Happy Hump Day once again. I’m curious: Does anybody read those Twitter and Facebook link aggregations at I’m thinking about giving it a try but I don’t know whether I should bother or not. Please let me know! Bike news below…

Bicycle Extremists

The city of Santa Rosa, CA configured part of Humboldt Street into a Bicycle Boulevard as a pilot project last year. Some people don’t like sharing the road with their neighbors on bikes. Click here for the usual name-calling litany: extremist, insurgent, virus, arrogant, selfish. Don’t miss the brilliant commentary at All Hail the Black read more »

not your usual bicycle tour

When we say “bicycle tour,” you probably imagine slogging up mountain passes with bulging panniers, but these bicycle tours are more traditional tourism-tours where participants happen to travel by bicycle. Sustainability Tours from Santa Cruz: Bicycle the beautiful coast and mountains of Santa Cruz, California. Visit organic farms, sustainable vineyards, and ecological homes. Taste varieties read more »