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Bicycle traffic jam

There’s traffic congestion on the bike lanes in Portland, Oregon. There are now so many people riding bicycles in Portland that we have bike traffic jams on the city’s bridges. And statistics suggest that the handlebar-to-handlebar congestion is growing faster than the bumper-to-bumper variety Read more.

Nevada considers complete streets, red light law for motorcycles & bicycles

I’m now visiting Nevada in my virtual meander across the American bike legislation tour of 2013. Of interest in the Silver State: voluntary funding of a Complete Streets program for your county, and a bipartisan run the red light rule for motorcycles and bicycles.

C.W. Nevius rides a bicycle?

San Francisco Chronicle columnist C.W. Nevius writes from the windshield perspective and is often accused of an anti-bike bias. Bay Area cycling advocates have learned to season Nevius’s reporting with several grains of salty skepticism, but occasionally his articles see distribution in the wider world of bike activism outside of the San Francisco area. So read more »

Salman Khan rides a bicycle

Bollywood action star Salman “Sallu” Khan rides his bicycle to and from the set in Mumbai.

Dr. Catherine Baucom rides a bicycle

A surgeon stuck in traffic commandeered a child’s bike so she could get to the operating room.

Toronto Fixer rides a bicycle

Jack Lakey is “The Fixer,” a Toronto newspaper columnist who uses his bully pulpit to get things done. After he lectured Toronto cyclists to follow the rules of the road last summer, “cyclists unleashed a firestorm of fury in emails and comments posted to our online columns” writes Lakey. When bike activist James Schwartz invited read more »