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Bicycle video clip of the day

I’d like to remind everybody that Steephill.TV has a video clip of the day feature. Just subscribe to the RSS feed there for a bike video of the day. Right now, they feature my ugly mug with a link to the (in)famous “Lost Episode” of the Spokesman podcast.

Dr. Catherine Baucom rides a bicycle

A surgeon stuck in traffic commandeered a child’s bike so she could get to the operating room.


I hadn’t heard about this before: Litespeed Bicycles, American maker of titanium bicycles, built part of the titanium tube framework for the Curiosity Mars Rover.

Quirky Moneyball Bicycle

A little over five years ago, Ben Kaufman won “Best of Show” at MacWorld for his mophie iPod case. He didn’t have an encore product for 2007, so he invited any and all to submit their ideas and introduced an iPod case with a built in bottle opener.

John Avalos rides a bicycle

San Francisco mayoral candidate John Avalos joined the SF2G (“San Francisco to Google”) bike commute group on their Friday morning ride.

Tornado: Bicycle helmet saved son’s life

When Natalie Gonzalez and her family dove into the bathtub to protect themselves from the destructive power of the Joplin tornado the other day, she told her nine year old son Augie to put his bicycle helmet on. Gonzalez believes the helmet saved her son’s life when the toilet was ripped out of the floor read more »