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Bicycles and gadgets

Gina has a bike that automatically takes photos as she rides, geotags the photos and uploads them to her Flickr account, where you can view her ride map. More details at MAKE. The iBikeConsole is a weatherproof mount for your iPod Nano. It attaches to your handlebar. The iPod Nano can be controlled from remote read more »

Hey Google: Robot bicycles are already a thing

By now you’ve seen the Google self driving bicycle video. I began planning for today about six months ago when I talked with a film studies student at UC Santa Cruz about creating a video for the same concept of an autonomous bicycle. We began the process of storyboarding and conceptualizing the look of the read more »

Free Credit Report ad with bicycles

Everybody’s jumping on the bike bandwagon in this ad with corny lyrics. Gas prices blowing up sky highDitched my use subcompact for a two wheel rideNow I’m rollin eco-friendlyBut I still look badWhen the bike store saw my creditThey said this was all they had. I think the bike looks splendid, and part of the read more »

Girls and Gear in Portland, Maine

Dana tells up about the Girls and Gear event that took place at a bike shop in Portland, Maine. In the video from the event, Fuji Marketing Director Karen Bliss talks about women’s specific design bikes from Fuji. More bicycle news Bikes for Kids Utah received a $40,000 grant from the Sorenson Legacy Foundation to read more »

Talking about bicycles

In 1946, author C.S. Lewis published his short essay “Talking about bicycles,” in which he describes the simple happiness of riding a bicycle, even for utilitarian trips. C.S. Lewis never bought a car and never learned to drive “very well.” Click through to read Lewis’s essay. “Talking about bicycles,” said my friend, “I have been read more »

Electronic bike lockers

I finally got my BikeLink card for access to the electronic bike lockers in Santa Cruz and around the San Francisco Bay Area.