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Bicycling and smoking

It’s pretty bizarre reading forecasts this week and reading “partly smoky.” Here’s the graphic from the National Weather Service forecast for Monterey this weekend. With over 1,000 wildfires burning around the state of California, bike riding is a little bit tough. I’m avoiding long distance riding, but even my short bike commute leaves me choking read more »

Eurobike Report

Eurobike, the big European bicycle industry trade and consumer show, opened to crowds under sunny skies in Germany in spite of a shaky economy.

Wednesday night bike news

Hi all, and happy Wednesday night (in the United States now, anyway). Per usual, hover over the photos for their captions.

$1400 per year in medical expenses for the obese

New research shows medical spending averages $1,400 more a year for an obese person than for someone who’s normal weight. The higher expense reflects the costs of treating diabetes, heart disease and other ailments far more common for the overweight. “Unless you address obesity, you’re never going to address rising health-care costs.” More in the read more »