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Bicycling and wealth

When American troops landed on south Pacific islands and New Guinea during World War II, they brought many of the comforts of home with them: Hershey bars, radios, powdered milk, and SPAM. The island natives saw the this cargo arriving as if sent from heaven when Sea Bees bulldozed airstrips through the jungles and men read more »

Radicals, conservatives, liberals, progressives, and cyclists

How do you radicalize bike riders? I wasn’t always a wild-eyed anti-car bike radical. I, and probably thousands of other people like me, were just people who liked to get around by bike. I had no particular “bicycle idealogy.” I accepted that our transportation network was built for cars and made myself fit in by read more »

Massachusetts Department of Transportation formalizes Healthy Transportation policy

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) has issued a policy directive to require ways to increase what they call healthy transportation — walking, bicycling, and transit — for every project funded by MassDOT or with MassDOT design oversight to meet the state’s goal of tripling the miles traveled with active transportation by the year 2030. read more »

Bike racing for middle aged millionaires

Pretend you’ve got your act together and you reach middle age with a comfortable retirement portfolio, a modestly successful business, a paid-for house, two grown children, and a distant spouse. What do you do for your next act? You throw it all away by picking a new hobby — road cycling!

Jonathan Clements rides a bicycle

Personal finance guru Jonathan Clement is an avid cyclist.

USA to host UCI World Championship

Congratulations to Richmond, Virginia, which was chosen as the host city for the 2015 World Road Cycling Championship.