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Bicyclist hits bear

Missoula, Montana middle school science teacher Jim Litz was riding his bike to school when he hit a bear. Litz was traveling about 25 mph when he saw the bear directly in front of him. After t-boning the black bear, the two cartwheeled down the road. The bear got up, scratched his back and ambled read more »

Colorado cyclist hits bear

More cycling news from Colorado: A cyclist in Boulder County was injured after a run-in, literally, with a bear. Tim Egan, 53, was riding on Old Stage Road Tuesday afternoon when suddenly a bear appeared in front of him. Egan hit the bear and ended up skidding across the road. “This bear looked at me read more »

Hawaii: No insurance payouts to cyclists?

For today’s game of Legislative Whack-A-Mole, I present HB 1423 from Hawaii. Representative Ken Ito in the Hawaii State House introduced this bill which “prohibits a bicyclist or moped operator injured in an accident with a motor vehicle from receiving personal injury protection benefits from the insurer of the motor vehicle.”


On August 29, 2009, I had the following Letter to the Editor published in The Cape Breton Post: OK, enough is enough. Every day on my way home I encounter the same three cyclists on Kings Road, all riding on the sidewalk against traffic. Putting aside that riding this way carries seven to nine times read more »