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Bicyclist vs animal

The California Highway Patrol incident reports are maddeningly short on details, providing just a tantalizing hint of information. Take this report last night in Orange County, for example. I’ve translated some of the abbreviations and codes to English language and put the dispatches in chronological order. Location: NORTHBOUND WEIR CANYON RD ON RAMP TO WEST read more »

National map shows cyclist fatalities

The League of American Cyclists announced their “Every Bicyclist Counts” project, which will chronicle news and police reports of cyclists killed on America’s roadways.

Wednesday update

When I saw that buck-vs-trail-rider video I joked about the relative hazards of road vs mountain biking. The reality: I don’t know how dangerous or safe mountain biking is relative to road cycling, mostly because I’ve never bothered to look up the safety data for mountain biking. At the time, I didn’t know safety data read more »