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Your Last Minute California Bicycle Voting Guide 2014

For the 30% of voters who will vote on Election Day tomorrow versus the rest of us who mailed our ballots in, here are some candidate issue guides and endorsements available from around the state of California. I focus mostly on local races and issues and mostly on Northern California in this this guide.


Enjoy my photos of guys on their bikes from this last week, flavored with a side of bike news. Thank you and enjoy your day.

Bike dopes

I plan to work on a Facebook Application over the holiday break. It’s a bike racing game in which you join a cycling team to race in the big American and European races. You “train” by visiting the bike application, and more time spent training equates with better racing times. The races will occur at read more »

What is cyclocross

It’s dry and hotter than blazes here (with a high of 86°F today!) so that means it must be cyclocross season! Cyclocross normally is done in cold and wet conditions — the colder and wetter, the better. Mere mortals bundle up and watch football or sit in deer stands and duck blinds, while cyclists strip read more »