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Bike + Transit Haiku

Jackie Dishner aka “Bike Lady” celebrates the joy of bikes and biking with a few haiku. Thanks, Jackie, for the inspiration! Here’s my baiku of the day: Bike To Work Day soon. So many people with bikes! Crush crowd in Caltrain.

November Baiku

Trailsnet reminds that I haven’t posted a bike haiku in ages! What’s wrong with me?

Spring bike haiku

Bradley the True Geek posted a spring time bike haiku. Bradley masterfully shows us the change of seasons from winter to spring in his baiku when he describes the gray roller dust coating his bike tires. Besides the well known 5 / 7 / 5 syllable pattern, haiku is defined by the use of words read more »

Colorado bike haiku

Carl ran a bike club for students at Columbine Elementary School in Longmont, Colorado. The bike club was for the Walk Or Wheels (“WOW”) program at the school, which encourages students to walk or bike to school and which has an astounding participation rate of over 90%. Carl started the club as an additional impetus read more »

Bike dopes

I plan to work on a Facebook Application over the holiday break. It’s a bike racing game in which you join a cycling team to race in the big American and European races. You “train” by visiting the bike application, and more time spent training equates with better racing times. The races will occur at read more »

Autumn bike haiku

Expressing the feelings and observations of the seasons is one of the hallmark characteristics of haiku. In his Halloween bike haiku, Jason perfectly captures the feeling of his blissfull night ride on a perfect autumn evening. Remember, if you post a bicycle haiku and I find it, I’ll link to it from Cyclelicious.