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Bike Girls Santa Cruz

More Santa Cruz bike people, this time of the female gender.

Santa Cruz City Schools Complete Streets Master Plan

30% of school children in the city of Santa Cruz, CA bike or walk to school, according to Ecology Action, and the city of Santa Cruz would like to increase that number. To help accomplish this, Santa Cruz City Council unanimously approved Santa Cruz City Schools Complete Streets Master Plan. The plan describes the transportation read more »

Smile! You’re riding a bike!

Happy Monday! Seen Sunday afternoon in Santa Cruz, California.

Girls – Biking makes you smart!

Study: Teen girls who bike or walk to school perform better in cognitive tests than girls who drive to school.

July Bike Party Photos

I had other plans tonight but had about an hour free so I hit the start of tonight’s San Jose Bike Party.

Bike blog updates

Happy rainy Tuesday from Santa Cruz. First of all, apologies for the “Sexy Bookmarks” plugin that went haywire with my RSS feed yesterday. If you saw about a hundred links to Internet social networking sites in your feed reader in recent articles, that should be fixed now. Thank you to those of you who brought read more »