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Bike POLITE jackets and shirts

According to Carlton Reid in the UK, bike patrol officers are given a wide berth by motorists when using police bikes, wearing police kit, but as soon as they change back into street clothes they go back to being targets again. Not that anybody advocates impersonating a police officer, but what if you could look read more »

Bike POLITE shirts now available in USA, Canada & Mexico

Carlton set up a USA Spreadshirt account so his Quickrelease.TV “POLITE” bicycling shirts are now available for shipping in North America. Click here to order. They feature the text “One Less Car” on the front and “POLITE” on the back. Note that the USA version doesn’t quite match the Euro version shown above.

Honking at the cyclist

Keri Caffrey was shooting video with bike patrol officer Bill Edgar of the Orlando Police Department as they took the lane for a law enforcement bike education project. A motorist lays on the horn to harass the cyclists before Officer Edgar moved over and stopped where the motorist could see his “POLICE” shirt. Edgar then read more »