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Bike Pirates?

Happy Birthday to Wirehead, who was born on Talk Like a Pirate Day and who wore a pirate shirt at the San Jose Bike Party last night.

Bike Pirates

Noah did this on Talk Like a Pirate Day last year. Don’t forget BIKE PUNX. Oh, and today is National PARKing Day. Have a good Friday!

Bike pirates

Aarg, ye hearties. I sometimes read from and post to the Bike Pirates community on LiveJournal. Sometimes.

Clown suit, blackmail, and a tiny bike

The actual title from Lowering the Bar is “Clown-Suited Blackmailer on a Tiny Bike Gets Prison” which is just too good to pass up.

Track racer missing two limbs

Spaniard Juan Jose “Juanjo” Mendez lost his left arm and left leg in a motorcycle crash.

Why you should plug your bar ends

This is pretty rough to look at, but it’s a reminder of why plugs in your handlebars are a good idea. Guitar Ted’s thoughts on belt drive systems for bicycles. Who is Heather Graham? Brad Pitt rides a cruiser bike. Via Jym. Masiguy’s Virtual Tradeshow. City Cycling: How to build a usuable bike path. Via read more »