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Bike design contest

Design 21: Social Design Network seeks to inspire social activism through design. Their Power to the Pedal design competition calls for a biking accessory or add-on for existing bikes that improves the bicycling experience and encourages more people to make biking their primary means of transport – more convenient, more enjoyable, safer and more integrated read more »

Unusual bike racks

Lady Fleur reviews an old and interesting bike rack that she calls the Jaws of Death Torture Rack. It’s a design that dates from the 70s, and creator of this rack apparently invited thieves to test their design with a contest. The design is such that a simple padlock is protected from cutting and grinding read more »

Bike share bicycle design competition

James Thomas has a bicycle design competition for an Asian bike share.

Dual use bench + bike rack

The Spanish-language N-Punto teen zine are running a bike rack design contest, with numerous submissions ranging from the purely practical to the whimsical.

Bike share for Monterey, California?

The Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC) received a $57,000 grant to study the feasibility of bike sharing. County transportation planners will take public input this summer for their ideas.

Case study: Build Bikes in USA or Taiwan?

I’m a big fan of Joan Denizot and what she’s doing with her Super Sized Cycles business, which sells bikes designed specifically for larger people. From her website she sells a variety of models, some of which are handmade for her business in Iowa with assembly at her shop in Vermont. She’s making money, but read more »