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Laser bike lane prototype

The laser lit traveling bike lane is reality! If the video is any indication of reality, this actually looks pretty cool. Light Lane Website. Via Bike Portland.

Haiku is Cyclelicious link bait

I just linked to Bike Skirt yesterday, and then they have to go and post a haiku this morning. Remember, a good bike haiku is automatic link bait for Cyclelicious. Just ensure I can find the haiku by shooting an email to me or thumping me on the head. I saw Anna’s eye-catching pink and read more »

NYMEX light sweet crude price

First of all, that photo is a picture of Stanford students lined up with their bicycles to collect free bike lights from the Bike Light Extravaganza this week. Stanford’s student government handed out 600 lights during the three days of this bike safety event. Perhaps these bike cops should have dropped by to pick up read more »