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Bike helmets recalled due to head injury hazard

The US CPSC notice says “Bicycle Helmets Recalled by Bell Sports Due to Head Injury Hazard,” which is kind of funny.

Tuesday Bike News:

Good morning from California. Carlton Reid reminds us that it’s our own stupid fault the motor car became so popular. We cyclists insisted on hard surface roads. We wanted road rules to keep pedestrians out of the way. Because cycling as a hobby belonged mostly to deranged, sport-minded young men with a bent for innovation, read more »

Hospital chief and his paralyzing bike crash

Dr. Brad Berk, chief executive of University of Rochester Medical Center, zipped down a hill on a road ride when he lost control of his bicycle and nearly died.

Happy Bike To Work Day

When this is posted on Thursday morning, hopefully I’ll be on my way biking and doing my tour of South Bay Energizer Stations. I plan to stop off a the Energizer Stations at San Jose Depot, Mountain View Castro Street, Palo Alto Wilkie Way, Palo Alto California Avenue, Palo Alto City Hall, and Menlo Park read more »

Trailer bike recall

First of all — the regular San Jose to Palo Alto group commute is off tomorrow(Friday) and next week, though you’re free to do this on your own if you’d like, of course. REI and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a recall of 5,200 Novara Afterburner Trailer Bicycles. The children’s trailer bicycle can read more »

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