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Bike industry economics

It seems like I’ve been linking a lot lately to Chris Matthews’s blog. He’s been in the bike biz for a while and works for Specialized in Morgan Hill, California. In this post, Chris writes about the credit crunch and how it might impact the bike business. Basically: Banks are not lending to each other, read more »

Bicycling Studies

Lees McCrae College, a tiny Presbyterian school in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, offers a degree in Cycling.

National Defense Public Transportation Act

Believe it or not, some conservatives actually opposed the National Interstate and Defense Highways Act of 1956 because — get this — this largest public works project in American history represented “another ascent into the stratosphere of New Deal jitterbug economics.”


Momentum Magazine issue 43 pushed to the web this morning. This issue includes a 2010 Gear Guide which includes my review of Sanyo’s Eneloop bicycle. I’ll post a little more about this bike here later, but for now: Mostly, it’s a pretty cool electric bike. Butterflies and flowers optional. Report: Cycling is bigger than hunting read more »

It’s always darkest before it’s pitch black

So says Sequoia Capita partner Eric Pulin during a summit of 100 Silicon Valley CEO’s on how tech companies can survive this economic crisis. Among the suggestions? Fire engineers (“You already have product”), fire the product managers, fire marketing and hold on to your cash because you won’t be making any. Robb Sutton at MTB read more »