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Bike newbies on Caltrain

As gas prices officially reached the $4 mark in San Francisco, Caltrain reported record weekday ridership of 36,993 for February 2008, a 9.3% increase over 2007. I’m not as scientific as Caltrain, but I’m seeing substantially more cyclists on the Caltrain bike cars, many of them with shiny new bikes. If you’re on the platform read more »

Monday morning bike report

Happy USA Bike Month! Today is another beautiful day in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the Caltrain bike cars are getting noticeably busier now that Caltrain’s survey of bikes on board is done. A great big thank you to REI, who linked to my celebrities on bikes page to their nearly 17,000 Twitter followers read more »

Are bike people friendlier than the average transit rider?

I don’t have an especially outgoing personality, yet I generally have little problem approaching complete strangers when we’re on bikes, talking with them and often enough shooting photos of them. I have little in common with many of the bike riders I see on Caltrain and the bus, but I know about their families, where read more »

Welcome to fair weather bike commuters

Jonathan at SFist writes: We were there through the bitter season–the mud, the rain, the cold, the mid-afternoon sunsets. With dripping, grime-streaked rain gear covering our heels and neckties, we rode our rusting, filthy commuter bikes to the Caltrain station all through the winter, a sweaty, soggy bunch, smelling of mildew and Tri-Flow. And now, read more »

VTA budget notes

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) are working on their biennial budget for fiscal 2014 and 2015. VTA’s fiscal year begins on July 1. Here are my quick observations from selections of the draft budget.

Let’s Go Giants

San Francisco parade on Wednesday to fete baseball World Series Champion Giants expected to draw one million. Local transportation officials advise celebrants to use public transportation, and buy your transit tickets today to avoid the crush of last second purchasers. You can ride your bike to the parade, too, if you want, though navigating through read more »