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The Register: Bike kiosk grumbleflick shocks Spaniards – “Better than the funny feeling from riding over cobbles.” A hacked display in a public bicycle kiosk treated passers-by to a dose of porn last week. Instead of displaying software connected with its role of managing bike lending the display in a kiosk in Zamora, Spain displayed read more »

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I’m a book guy — I buy or borrow about a book a week. Here are some bike books your cycling friends might like as a gift. Please let me know if I missed any new books about bikes that I should list. Custom Bicycles: A Passionate Pursuit is a lovely coffee table book of read more »


Welcome to the start of the 2nd Cyclelicious Virtual Alleycat sponsored by IMAGES PUBLISHING GROUP, publisher of Custom Bicycles A Passionate Pursuit. PRIZE: One of THREE copies of the hardcover book Custom Bicycles A Passionate Pursuit. This hardcover book — a $60 value of hardcore bike p0rn will satisfy the urges and desires of any read more »