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Maker Faire bike fun (and more)

  San Francisco Bay Area Maker Faire continues Sunday at the San Mateo County event center. Pay $17 to park your car, or ride your bike there and park at the FREE bike valet parking provided by the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition and get $5 off the admission price.

Fear is the mind killer

Notwithstanding my earlier post today on road rage and harassment, almost all of my bike rides are without incident. And so are yours.

Serenity Prayer

Tuesday’s Child is full of grace, but a South African driver apparently forgot that ditty when he allegedly hopped out of his car to punch cyclist Andrew Wheeldon of the Bicycle Empowerment Network. Police say they are investigating. (Note: “Red Robot” is South African for “red light,” which is pretty cool.)

Olympic cycling coverage

KWC has updated his cyclodrome robot to now find and list online news and commentary on cycling events during the Beijing Olympics. When this note is posted early Friday morning I’ll be riding my bike along Foothill Expressway. To those looking for Caltrain bike car updates, sorry!