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Bike saddle anti theft

Recycle and reuse that old, worn out chain by cleaning it then looping a section of chain around the seat stays and through the saddle rails to prevent thefts of opportunity. This isn’t absolutely secure, but this prevents quick swipes, especially if you have a quick release seatpost binder. To do this, you need a read more »

Secure seatpost and saddle clamp

Look closely at this new seatpost clamp from Fortified Bicycle. Like other security clamps, the Payback clamp uses a keyed bolthead to help protect your saddle from theft, but there’s more.

Santa Clara green lanes, Melbourne commuter challenge, and the lingering scent of bike saddles

City of Santa Clara CA is painting new buffered green lanes on Calabazas Boulevard. Photo from Ron.

Unusual bike racks

Lady Fleur reviews an old and interesting bike rack that she calls the Jaws of Death Torture Rack. It’s a design that dates from the 70s, and creator of this rack apparently invited thieves to test their design with a contest. The design is such that a simple padlock is protected from cutting and grinding read more »

Three sad bikes in Santa Cruz

I saw this trio of bikes locked up at the downtown Santa Cruz Metro Center transit station over the weekend. Let’s evaluate their security. Number one is this Gary Fisher Big Sur, secured with a Master Lock cable lock.

Bond Bike

Environment Transport Association in London built this “BOND Bike” to help sell their bicycle insurance. The bike features a handlebar flamethrower to ward off those pesky motorists who pass too closely, an ejector saddle anti-theft device, and a track drive and ski blade to enable all terrain, all weather mobility. The BOND (Built of Notorious read more »