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Bike safety public service announcements

A couple of bike safety videos have been making the rounds. This video illustrating the danger of wrong way cycling from the Los Angeles Department of Transportation won a “Best PSA” Emmy award in 2006. Streetsblog objects to this “flippant, counterproductive” spot because it “plays up the supremacy of the motorist by likening cyclists to read more »

Hey Planetizen: NASCAR racers already promote responsible driving!

In an April Fools Day posting, Planetizen joked about NASCAR’s participation in the “20 Is Plenty” campaign, which advocates slower speeds and responsible driving to help keep other road users (and especially people on foot and on bike) safer. The advertisement campaign and public service announcements will feature Matt Kenseth, driver of the 20 car read more »

Share the road?

James in Greenville wants “Share the road” messages on local buses to help reinforce the idea that cyclists belong on the road. He especially likes the campaign in Atlanta, Georgia, where real people are pictured in the ads instead of just stylized, impersonal bike icons. The real faces humanize cyclists as real people instead of read more »