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Bike through flooded streets

What happens when raging floods close local streets to motor vehicle traffic? Hop on the bike and go, like this man does on Zhongshan West Road as heavy rains flood over 100 homes and 60 streets in downtown Shanghai on August 25. Look how happy the cyclist is moving through the water, while the motorist read more »

Hurricane Biker Girls of Lower Manhattan

NYC film maker Casey Neistat spent the night of Sandy biking around the flooded streets of Manhattan. Here’s his video of that night.

Riding through flooded streets

Should you bypass road and path closures to ride your bike through flooded areas?

Bicycles and flooded streets

I saw this news photo of a cyclist riding through a flooded street alongside the Danube in Budapest, and I thought, “Don’t bike on flooded roads, Bro.”

Floods destroy transportation networks in France, USA

With historic floods washing hundreds of cars away in the southeastern France and the US Southeast, people are taking to bikes to get around. View image |

Hump Day news: San Jose sidewalk riding ban, Noah from New York, and rain data

Happy Wet Wednesday, all. I was late for San Jose Bike Train this morning due but rode with Ian.