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Bike to Work Day Colorado 2014

Colorado’s Bike to Work Day in late June always confuses everybody else around the nation who do it during National Bike Month in June, but hey, it works for them so go with the flow.

Bay Area Bike to Work Day 2014

Last night I set my alarm for 4:30 AM for my anticipated 32 mile ride “over the hill” (i.e. over the Santa Cruz Mountains) to the office. I have no recollection of this alarm going off; all I know is I groggily looked at the clock, saw that it said 5:45 and hurried out of read more »

Bay Area: Maybe rain for Bike To Work Day

As of Tuesday night when I’m typing this, our weather prognosticators give us a vague chance of light rain for the evening of Bike To Work Day. The morning should be pleasant, but be prepared for possible dampness as a weak cold front moves through the entire Bay Area beginning about late morning.

How should I get to work on Bike to Work Day

Most of you know I live 32 miles from the office. I ride a commuter bus 25 miles to downtown San Jose, and then bike the remaining seven miles to the office. Bike to Work Day is traditionally “Bike the Entire 32 Miles Day” for me, because the bike racks on the bus frequently fill read more »

Fresh ideas for Bike to Work Day

Warren T in Overland Park, KS has a request: I’m trying to get some suggestions from various bike commuters regarding cool stuff they’ve seen at Bike to Work Week events. Overland Park, KS has asked me to help them come up with some fresh (for them) ideas. Your thoughts? Reply in the comments here, or read more »

Bike to Work Day 2014 PSA

The San Francisco Bay Area celebrates our 20th Annual Bike To Work Day on Thursday, May 8, 2014. How many places can you identify in this video? Some are more familiar than others.