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Bikes and high fashion

Over the past couple of years the various brands of LVMH have integrated bikes into their marketing. This last spring, for example, LVMH sponsored the “Bikes In Style” challenge, in which student designers from the Fashion Institute of Technology created stylish, practical and affordable bike gear. There was also DKNY’s unforgettable but perhaps regrettable orange read more »

The Post likes bikes, and more Hump Day bicycle news

The New York Post suddenly likes bikes? The caption for this bike style gallery includes the text, “We like bike! No matter your style, there’s an outfit for every ride.”

Charinko etymology and loan words

Charinko ( チャリンコ ) is a Japanese word for “bicycle.” For years I’ve thought the shortened “chari” was a loan word from the English “chariot.” I was wrong.

Girls In Orchard With Bikes

“Girls In Orchard With Bikes” is a short excerpt from “The Wheels of Progress,” a 1927 film on the benefits of public roads for personal motor transportation. The film was produced by the US Department of Agriculture Bureau of Public Roads.

Interbike Ready to Ride Fashion Show

Momentum Magazine’s “Ready to Ride” will present two fashion shows this week at Interbike in Las Vegas.

Interbike 2009 fashion show

Watch for the second annual Urban Legend Fashion and Art Show, presented by Giant Bicycles, at Interbike 2009 on the show floor, Thursday, September 24 at 5:00 p.m. “Interbike uses the Urban Legend Fashion Show to showcase the industry’s growing enthusiasm for urban cycling and the exciting products that the segment supports,” said Rich Kelly, read more »